Facial Treatment

Aibi's technicians combine MT Metatron - skin care products used in aesthetic dermatologists, beauty clinics and esthetic salons - with our unique facial massage techniques and advanced equipment to provide solutions to skin issues such as wrinkles, spots, sagging skin and acne.

Body Treatment

We provide you the ultimate services for all your needs using combination of our most advanced slimming machines, cavitation method, radio waves and hand massage. Maximize your results by combining with an oxygen capsule treatment. Treatment options can be customized to your body's specific needs.

Eyelash Extension

"3D extensions" are available for dramatically fuller and voluminous lashes. "Single extensions" offer natural looking lashes that can be customized for thickness. We specialize in long-lasting and beautiful lashes. Through consultation, we will provide design options to best meet your preferences and techniques taking into considering the condition of your lashes.

Aibi\'s Philosophy - 3 Aspects to Beauty

For 13 years, we have been committed to becoming your one and only "Life-Time Salon", focusing on providing safe and comfortable services to our clients.

[Aibi's Philosophy - 3 Aspects to Beauty]

We believe that there are 3 aspects that create beauty - external, internal and mental. The external approach to beauty is high performing skin care products. The internal approach is the healthy diet that builds the foundation for beautiful skin. The mental approach includes aroma massage or a yoga session to help balance your autonomic nervous system which can be disturbed by daily stress.

We want to ensure the most pleasant visit at our salon. We will continue to put our heart into providing the best techniques and services to customers. Our staff here at Aibi are looking forward to your visit.



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